An Apartment with the Best of Both Worlds

My sister and I decided to look at two bedroom apartments in North Las Vegas to see if we could find one that we are happy with. We knew that it would be cheaper to live together, but we also knew that the apartment complex would have to be just about perfect to please both of us. We are so different in nearly every way, but we still love each other and get along pretty well, despite all of our differences. We knew that the apartment that we would share would have to have great features inside for me as well as awesome community amenities for her.

I have always been the shy bookworm type while she has been the social butterfly ever since we were kids. Whatever apartment that we would get would have to be nice for me, because I just don’t get into a lot of group activity things. For my sister, there would have to be an abundance of things to do because she would never be happy living at a complex that didn’t even have a swimming pool where she could hang out with other tenants of the complex.

When we found Tribeca North, it was the best of both worlds for us. For my sister, there are so many features outdoors, like the swimming pools, the spa area, the different lounges and barbecue areas, and there are even planned events there for the tenants. I knew that I would barely see her with all of the things she can do outdoors. For me, the apartment is a safe and fabulous haven. We each have our own rooms on opposite sides along with our own bathrooms, and there is a patio, a storage unit, and massive room between the living room, kitchen and dining room. We knew that this was too good to pass up!